The teaching and artistic practice of Julynn Wildman

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Embody Praxis balances thoughtful life and active life through creative movement generation, performance, and education. To embody is to give form to something intangible, and praxis brings something from the head (ideas, theories, philosophies, attitudes) to the world (the body, the conversation, the stage, the community, society).

  • Idea: Giving people the tools to move and dance creatively provides an opportunity to explore and express thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes, frustrations, and fictional or fantastical worlds.
    • Praxis: Concept based dance classes that focus on dancer generated movement and performance.
  • Idea: Every body has limits and every body has possibility; movement is not exclusively for able, thin, gender conforming, coordinated, neurotypical bodies.
    • Praxis: Movement classes designed specifically for a wide diversity of ability; training for teachers and volunteers on actively making integrated and inclusive movement environments.
  • Idea: Creative movement can be integrated with multiple intelligences and multiple learning styles, and can be a useful tool to learn other subject matter.
    • Praxis: Working with students, teachers, and classrooms to integrate dance and academic standards into the classroom.

So what do you do?

  • Perform original work that uses choreography and movement as social, political, and personal expression.
  • Collaborate with other artists to help achieve their visions.
  • Teach students tools for creative dance expression and movement.
  • Facilitate workshops or sessions as a Visiting Artist to help teachers, students, and volunteers work toward specific goals or learning objectives.
  • Continue to expand through resource development, new ideas, and new partnerships.