Selected Work

Here is where you find selected examples of my work, including multi-media, choreography, and collaborations.

Flexibility keeps my practice dynamic and interesting.

I experiment with different media like the body, sound, video, text. Some of my work is about creating my own art, some is about teaching others the tools to create art, and some is helping others create their own art. I like to work in collaboration, and the support I offer depends on the needs of my collaborating artist and project. I work with a variety of ages from early childhood to late adulthood. My work is flexible because it is responsive to context; sometimes this may read as inconsistency (eg. my work teaching preschool movement might not seem consistent with my work in multi-media video art).

However, the undercurrent of my practice is consistency.
My art is conceptual. It uses media to explore and communicate an idea, thought, or feeling. Sometimes these are concepts internal, interpersonal, social, or philosophical. Sometimes these concepts are mechanical, historical, or factual. My art is focused on process, meaning that while it usually has a final product, I am more interested in the things that I/my students/my collaborators discover on the journey to create it. My art is activism; aesthetics are nice but how can art mobilize people to understand, provoke ideas, and ask us to reflect on ourselves and the world around us?